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erf goed

                                 Personal Bill of Rights 
I have the right to freedom of speech
I have the right to be heard
I have the right to be respected
I have the right to accept and own my own power
I have the right to not disclose unless I am comfortable
I have the right to feel my emotions
I have the right to say no
I have the right to challenge the status quo
I have the right to ask questions
I have the right to be me
I have the right to own my own ideas
I have the right to my values and beliefs
I have the right to laugh

Dr. Alicia A. Dunlop, Toronto

" Het is verbazingwekkend hoe, ondanks alle ideologische manipulatie, er niets verdwijnt uit het geheugen."
Václav Havel 
Een geschiedenis en een tel raam : werelderfgoed

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Het oneindige verhaal

re dress; HMS Vindicative; oranges and sunshine orphanages of the living


The Courier

A Ballarat naval officer thrust into hand-to-hand combat in Belgium will be remembered this weekend.

Able seaman Leopold Thomas Newman was one of just twelve Australians involved in the Zeebrugge Raid on a German-held port during 1918.

His grandchildren Ray Newland and Rosemary Gay will travel to Europe for 100th anniversary commemorations of the Zeebrugge Raid on April 23.




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in the middle of the floor | "May God bless the tzar and keep him far away from us" *

I have always found Pell to be a decent, honest, intelligent man who, while forthright in his own views, is happy to listen to those of others. When I was serving as Ambassador to Italy he perpetrated a great kindness that I will never forget.

I asked about the method for getting in the front row at a Papal audience, where one will meet the Pope. How do ministers, businesspeople and others seem to manage it, I wondered. Pell asked if that's what I wanted and I rightly pointed out, given my views, how inappropriate that would be. I told him the Filipino maid and butler at the Ambassador's residence who served his meal when he came to dinner were committed Catholics, true believers, and I wondered how they would get such a chance given they were more godly than many who get the privilege. He organised it and I have not seen two happier people than the day they met the Pope. It was marred in my mind only slightly by their comment that they felt people were staring at them and wondering how they got there. The answer of course is simple: by the good grace of George Pell.

Cardinal Pell must now wait a fortnight before learning whether he will front a jury in a higher court, as Ms Wallington takes time to consider written and oral submissions from the 76-year-old's defence team and prosecutors. Ms Wallington will announce her decision on May 1.

Pax Romana

The man who sued God


Corella-geddon hits Melbourne's leafiest suburbs


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Golly Moses!, You gotta understand It's just our bringin' upke That gets us out of hand We are sick, we are sick

We ain't no delinquents, we're misunderstood 
Deep down inside us there is good!

There is good!

There is good, there is good
There is untapped good
Like inside, the worst of us is good!

That's a touchin' good story

Lemme tell it to the world!

Just tell it to the judge!

Archbishop Philip Wilson of Adelaide has joined Rome-based Australian Cardinal George Pell in being required to wait for Australian courts of law to determine their fates.
Magistrate Robert Stone in Newcastle Local Court, north of Sydney, reserved his decision on On 13 April, in Archbishop Wilson’s trial on a charge of concealing child sexual abuse by a fellow priest, Fr James Fletcher, when the Archbishop was an assistant priest in his home Diocese of Maitland-Newcastle in the 1970s.
The 67-year-old prelate, who has been Archbishop of Adelaide since 2001 and is a former President of the Australian Catholic Bishops Conference, faces up to two years in jail if convicted.
This week, he told the court that medication had helped his memory since he was diagnosed with early-stage Alzheimer’s disease late last year.
Fletcher was sentenced to imprisonment on nine counts of child sexual abuse in December 2004 and died in prison in January 2006.
Cardinal Pell, who is on leave from his Vatican post as Prefect of the Secretariat for the Economy, is waiting to hear if Magistrate Belinda Wallington will commit him to trial on multiple historical sexual offence charges involving multiple complainants after a four-week hearing in the Melbourne Magistrates’ Court last month. The 76-year-old Cardinal, a former Archbishop of Melbourne and later of Sydney, has strenuously denied the charges, the details of which have not yet been made public.
The court is to sit again on Tuesday (17 April) to rule on supplementary submissions from the defence and the prosecution's response, with Cardinal Pell excused from attending the sitting.
Ms Wallington’s decision on whether to commit Cardinal Pell to trial in either the County Court or the Supreme Court in the State of Victoria is expected later this month.
Archbishop Wilson, too, denies the charge against him, with his defence arguing that he is not guilty because the case is circumstantial and there's no evidence to prove beyond a reasonable doubt that he was told about the abuse, believed it was true or remembered being told about it.
Closing arguments were heard on the final day of Archbishop Wilson’s trial, with Prosecutor Gareth Harrison saying Mr Stone should have doubts about Archbishop Wilson’s honesty, describing him as consummate Catholic politician who “was part of an entrenched, toxic culture of covering things up." He had ducked and weaved in his attempts not to incriminate himself, Mr Harrison said.
“Victims come second,” he said.
Mr Harrison accused Archbishop Wilson of acting like a "cat on a hot tin roof" when trying to absolve himself of guilt over claims that he covered up child sex abuse.
But Mr Stephen Odgers, SC, said in his closing address for the defence that Archbishop Wilson hadn't been ducking and weaving questions but rather had been careful to give precise answers.
Mr Odgers said even if Mr Stone had serious doubts about the Archbishop’s honesty, there was no proof beyond a reasonable doubt that he was lying. He urged the Magistrate to accept that Archbishop Wilson was an honest person despite the mud thrown at him by the prosecutor.
On 12 April, Mr Harrison had cross-examined Archbishop Wilson and asked what it would take for him to believe allegations of abuse by four boys. The Archbishop replied that belief had to be based “on an admission or the end of a trial with a conviction”.
The prosecution alleged that in a 2004 conversation with the father of one of Fletcher's victims – who said, "If I had a gun, I would kill him (Fletcher)" – the Archbishop had replied: "I wouldn't blame you."
Archbishop Wilson told the court that he could have said that to the victim's father, as "I could understand how he would feel".

Gee, Officer Krupke
We're down on our knees

'Cause no one wants a fella with a social disease

Pope's decision to not issue apology 'a slap in the face,' residential school survivor says

For failing so profoundly You were powerless to protect your own children

29 April 2009 

AFN National Chief Says Private Audience with Pope Benedict XVI in Vatican City "Closes the Circle" and Enables Work Towards Reconciliation for Residential School Survivors

An apology from the Catholic church is one of the 94 calls to action from the Truth and Reconciliation Commission.

 Winnipeg Archbishop Richard Gagnon said the decision by Pope Francis doesn't preclude a possible future visit to Canada, in which a meeting with Indigenous people would be a high priority.

 'Giniigaaniimenaaning'  'Looking Ahead'

Juan Carlos Cruz: “Creo que va a venir un terremoto en la Iglesia chilena”

A. Vera


Rome zien en dan sterven 

El periodista Juan Carlos Cruz, una de las víctimas del ex párroco de El Bosque, Fernando Karadima se refirió al futuro encuentro que sostendrá con el Papa Francisco, asegurando que espera que no solo el obispo Juan Barros, acusado de encubrimiento, deje su lugar sino que otras autoridades de la Iglesia también lo hagan.

Esta semana al Pontífice envió una carta dirigida a los obispos chilenos donde se refiere al informe entregado por el monseñor Charles Scicluna, luego de su misión en Chile, sobre el caso del obispo de Osorno Juan Barros. En ella pide disculpas a las víctimas del caso Karadima y convocó a los religiosos a la Santa Sede.

Además fue agenda el 28 y 29 de abril una reunión entre Juan Carlos Cruz, James Hamilton y Andrés Murillo, víctimas de abusos sexuales por parte del sacerdote de El Bosque, junto al Pontífice.

En entrevista con el diario El País, Cruz manifestó estar contento con la información entregada el Papa, asegurando que “el informe es lapidario” y comentó que durante el encuentro con la máxima autoridad de la Iglesia Católica entregará detalles sobre los abusos a los que fue sometido y sobre cómo Barros fue testigo de ello.

“Esto no es una victoria nuestra, es de tantas víctimas en todo el mundo que no tienen la oportunidad de que los oigan como nosotros. Esto es un gran paso adelante para que a partir de ahora se las crea y se las respete”, añadió.

El periodista señaló que cree que el cambio de opinión del Papa es sincero. “Yo le creo al Papa, pero quiero conversar con él porque es increíble que el hombre más informado del mundo no esté informado de lo que pasa en su Iglesia“.

Por otro lado, insistió en que el arzobispo emérito, Francisco Javier Errázuriz, y el nuncio Ivo Scapolo son responsables de desinformar al Pontífice sobre estos hechos. “Tiene unas grandes redes de desinformación y maldad. Son muy maquiavélicos”.

Consultado sobre las medidas que espera que tome jefe del Estado Vaticano, el periodista asegura que estas van a ser drásticas: “Creo que va a venir un terremoto en la Iglesia chilena y varios obispos van a salir, no solo Barros. Me alegro, porque así el caso de Chile va a servir como ejemplo para el mundo”.

zondag, april 15, 2018

Marie Collins, exintegrante de la Comisión Pontificia para la Protección de Menores: “Espero que quien engañó al Papa sea removido de su cargo”

La activista contra el abuso sexual de menores confía en que lo sucedido con el obispo Juan Barros ayude a mejorar los mecanismos para evitar que esos hechos vuelvan a repetirse. “El Papa debe tomar ahora acciones correctas”, dice, y apunta al nuncio y a los cardenales Ezzati y Errázuriz por su eventual responsabilidad en informar mal al Papa.

En febrero, tras la polémica desatada por el caso del obispo Juan Barros durante el viaje del Papa a Chile, Marie Collins reveló que en abril de 2015 le había hecho llegar al Pontífice una carta de Juan Carlos Cruz, donde este detallaba las acusaciones contra el prelado. Si bien la exmiembro de la Comisión para la Protección de Menores del Vaticano no tiene claro si el Papa leyó o no la carta, está consciente de que sí se le hizo llegar información veraz sobre el tema. En esta entrevista, Collins analiza lo sucedido tras conocer el mensaje enviado por Francisco a los obispos chilenos.
¿Cuál fue su primera reacción tras conocer la carta del Papa?
Estuve encantada de que los sobrevivientes en Chile hayan sido reivindicados y estén por recibir justicia finalmente.
El Papa dijo que no recibió información veraz. ¿Quién piensa que es responsable de eso?
No es posible saber con certeza, pero leyendo el intercambio de mails que se filtró entre los cardenales Ezzati y Errázuriz en 2014, se puede ver su actitud hostil hacia Juan Carlos Cruz y su determinación a desacreditarlo. Entonces, es muy posible que las informaciones al Papa vinieran de ese lado, como también de su representante en Chile, el nuncio, que estoy segura se le preguntó por su visión.
El Papa recibió la carta de Juan Carlos Cruz que usted le envió. Esa era información confiable. ¿Por qué cree que el Papa no confió en ella?
Sabemos que la carta fue entregada al Papa, pero no sabemos si la leyó o la ignoró, porque no ha habido una declaración del Vaticano desde que su existencia se hizo pública. Si él decidió descartarla o ignorar su contenido, sólo él puede explicarlo. Sí creo que aún se me debe una explicación a mí y a otros miembros de la comisión que hicimos todo tipo de esfuerzos por convencerlo de que se estaba equivocando en relación a los sobrevivientes en Chile, en nuestros viajes a Roma y a través de la carta que le entregamos al cardenal Sean O’Malley. El Papa fue engañado por algunos, pero hubo muchos otros, incluyendo la gente de Osorno, que hicieron esfuerzos para entregarle un panorama real.
¿Qué espera que pase en mayo después del encuentro del Papa con los obispos chilenos? Como irlandesa, ¿cree que hay similitudes entre este caso y el de la Iglesia de Irlanda tras la carta que envió Benedicto XVI?
Espero que quien engañó al Papa o fue responsable en alguna forma de la injusticia a los sobrevivientes de Karadima sea removido de su cargo. En 2010, el Papa Benedicto escribió una carta similar a la gente de Irlanda y llamó a los obispos irlandeses a Roma para que respondieran por su mal manejo de la crisis de abusos. Hay similitudes con la situación de Chile, pero desafortunadamente no hubo un seguimiento efectivo a la situación irlandesa, porque ningún obispo fue removido de su cargo. Espero que el caso de Chile sea distinto.
¿Cree, como dicen algunos vaticanistas, que el caso del obispo Barros puede ser un punto de inflexión en el papado de Francisco?
Como mi foco está en los temas de abusos en la Iglesia y cómo se manejan, espero que al menos sea un punto de inflexión en esta área. Lo que ha pasado en Chile es lo mismo que ha pasado en país tras país donde sobrevivientes han dado un paso adelante. La Iglesia local ha visto, a través del encubrimiento, la forma de proteger a sus colegas -sean los perpetradores o los obispos negligentes-. La única diferencia en este caso es que, además de intentar engañar a los laicos, también intentaron engañar al Papa. La única manera de prevenir que esto vuelva a pasar es asegurar que haya duras consecuencias para cualquier cardenal, obispo o líder religioso que intentó proteger a sus colegas a expensas de las víctimas. Debe haber una rendición de cuentas.
Desafortunadamente, el Tribunal de Rendición de Cuentas recomendado por la Comisión Pontificia de Protección de los Menores en 2015 para lograr este objetivo nunca fue implementado. En el mismo sentido, las Guías de Protección elaboradas, también por la comisión, que pretendían promover consistentemente buenas prácticas para la protección de menores en la Iglesia nunca fueron implementadas. La razón que se dio para ello por la Congregación para la Doctrina de la Fe fue que el camino debía ser la subsidiariedad, en otras palabras, que cada obispo debía tener la autoridad de hacer como estimaba mejor y no darle órdenes desde Roma. ¡Hemos visto adonde lleva esto! Si tiene que ser un punto de inflexión, entonces que el Tribunal de Rendición de Cuentas y las Guías de Protección sean implementados de inmediato. El mismo Papa debe tomar ahora las acciones correctas.

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8 victims seek damages from Legion of Christ

Washington Post

Nicole Winfield | AP

VATICAN CITY — Eight victims of the Catholic Church’s most notorious pedophile are pressing the Legion of Christ religious order to compensate them for the sexual abuse they endured and the psychological harm they say resulted from the order’s prolonged campaign to discredit them.

The men, some of whom are suffering financial and medical hardships as they age, sent a letter to the Legion’s leadership seeking public recognition of their status as victims of the Rev. Marcial Maciel and the Mexico-based order, which was once one of the fastest-growing congregations in the church but suffered a credibility crisis over Maciel’s crimes and cover-up.

The letter, obtained by The Associated Press, is the latest indication that clergy abuse victims are increasingly demanding recognition and apologies not just for their abuse, but for the retaliation often inflicted on them by church leaders after they reported allegations.

Just this week, Pope Francis acknowledged making “grave errors” in discrediting abuse victims in Chile, and begged their forgiveness.

There was no comment Thursday from the Legion.

The letter underscores the still-unfinished business surrounding the scandal over Maciel, despite the Legion’s efforts to move on. The charismatic preacher was beloved by the Vatican but turned out to be a drug addict who sexually abused his seminarians, fathered three children and created a cult-like order to hide his double life. The Vatican knew of allegations against him since the 1950s, but only took action against him in 2006. He died in 2008.

In the letter, the victims asked that a compensation commission, which had been active
They called for the Legion to recognize that their revelations were not a betrayal but rather a service to both the church and the Legion.

No mention was made of the letter in an April 8 press release by the Legion after a recent meeting of Legion leaders to whom it was addressed.

“My expectations are absolutely low,” Barba said. “I know the Legionaires, and I know they don’t care.”

"Ni zurdos ni tontos"

Pope in tears after expressing his 'shame' 


Chile sex abuse victim 'hopeful' after meeting Archbishop Scicluna




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USA hop; que dirá el Santo Padre

It is my hope and prayer that for many, especially the young people present, that like for my friend Marta, this March for Life may truly have been a transformative experience.
Cardinal Seán

12 -4-2018

VATICAN CITY (AP) — The Vatican said Thursday that Pope Francis’ apology to Chilean sex abuse victims and his request that the country’s bishops come to Rome to discuss reforms amounts to a “spiritual state of emergency” declaration for the Chilean Catholic church.

In an interview with The Associated Press, Vatican spokesman Greg Burke said Francis’ letter to the Chilean hierarchy was an acknowledgment that he had made mistakes about abuse victims and that “yes, we believe you, you have your place
in the church.”


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roep geen mosselen voordat ze aan wal zijn zei de beer tegen de bonthandelaar

"[...] there are those who dismiss the social engagement of others as superficial, worldly, secular, materialist, communist or populist; their own particular ethical preoccupation outweighs all others. 
Gaudete et Exsultate 


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Catholic Archbishop of Adelaide Philip Wilson's legal team try to get case thrown out for fourth time. Hij ging te voet dus had ie vast geen rijbewijs

'EHBO-mieren' verzorgen gewonde soortgenoten na gevecht


"There is a role here for retired bishops to reach out and encourage those now in office to be courageous and authentic, by themselves stepping forward"



Of course, I am aware that the diagnosis of Alzheimer’s disease is one that will alarm many people.

Yours sincerely
Most Rev Philip Wilson DD JCL
Archbishop of Adelaide

Philip Wilson plans to remain head of Adelaide archdiocese for the next eight years despite his lawyers telling a Newcastle court on Tuesday that he had Alzheimer’s disease and might not be fit to stand trial.

Mantelzorg op water en brood

Holy See Press Office Communiqué, 15.09.2017

On August 21 last, the Department of State of the United States of America notified the Secretariat of State, through diplomatic channels, of a possible violation of laws relating to child pornography images by a member of the diplomatic corps of the Holy See accredited to Washington.

The Holy See, following the practice of sovereign states, recalled the priest in question, who is currently in Vatican City.

Having received such information from the United States government, the Secretariat of State transmitted this information to the Promoter of Justice of the Vatican Tribunal.

The Promoter of Justice opened an investigation and has already commenced international collaboration to obtain elements relative to the case.

It should be noted that, as provided by the laws in force applicable to all preliminary inquiries, the investigations carried by the Promoter of Justice are subject to investigative confidentiality.


De Vaticaanse gendarmes hebben zaterdag Carlo Alberto Capella, een voormalige diplomaat van de Heilige Stoel, die onder meer op de apostolische nuntiatuur in India en in de VS werkzaam was, in het vooruitzicht van zijn proces gearresteerd wegens het bezit van kinderporno. Capella werd eerder om die reden in september 2017 ook door staatssecretariaat van de Heilige Stoel teruggeroepen uit de VS.

Carlo Alberto Capella was sinds 2004 in Vaticaanse diplomatieke dienst. Hij was als diplomaat van de Heiliige Stoel actief in India en Hongkong, en tot in 2017, ook in de VS. Volgens Vaticanwatchers moet de aanhouding van Capella aantonen dat paus Franciscus het ernstig meent met de strijd tegen seksueel misbruik.

In 2015 werd ook al de Poolse aartsbisschop Jozef Wesolowski, die als apostolische nuntius in de Dominicaanse Republiek verschillende tieners tussen 13 en 16 jaar zou hebben misbruikt, aangeklaagd. Wesolowski overleed nog voor het einde van zijn proces in Rome.
Carlo Alberto Capella riskeert een maximum straf van 12 jaar.